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Zach Intern
Northwest Philosophy

Northwest Baseball understands that athletes participating at the club level are looking for the best competition possible and to develop their skill sets. For many athletes, this is a steppingstone to their ultimate goal of transitioning to a successful high school or collegiate career. With that in mind we take a comprehensive approach to athletic development and refining the skills of our athletes. By providing a NCAA Strength and Conditioning experience athletes can bridge the gap often overlooked or unavailable within their High School programs.


To accommodate the schedules of various athletes, some of which are participating in multi-sports throughout the year, Northwest Baseball limits its practices to 2-3 sessions per week. Two of these sessions are centered around fundamental skill development such as throwing, fielding, hitting, pitching, catching while the third session is focused around functional strength and mobility. We highly recommend that all athletes participate in every opportunity to improve but require a minimum participation of 6 sessions each month. 


Contracted to Northwest Fitness, athletes will work with nationally accredited strength and conditioning specialists to hone their performance to their genetic potential. Athletes will focus on hip and shoulder mobility, utilizing scientifically proven injury prevention techniques. In addition to injury prevention, players will also focus on the fine points of jump mechanics, lateral agility, and rate of force development. We are proud to offer this unique feature as a benefit of membership that is included for athletes through October 10, 2021.


November 1, 2020 through Octobers 31, 2021 our Technical Skill Development will coincide with our Strength & Athletic Performance component. During skill development, athletes will work on the finer points of honing specific skills and techniques in a fast paced, high volume environment. This portion of practices will have more of a clinic or workshop feel with athletes divided into small groups, working independently, with our Strength Conditioning Staff, or Head Coach Mike Bennett. 


One of the best ways for players to improve is though high-level competitive play, with the drawback being that live play is also where the majority of injuries occur. It is with this in mind that we incorporate a limited number of competitive scrimmages throughout the course of the year. These events may vary from live play against other teams to Live at-bats in the cages.